Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Secret Santa Christmas Swap............

I'll be back in a few days with the SSCS main presents...........I have been in several swaps and have some presents I have to show you all so once that is done I will be back to the main gifts of the SSCS...........
Most importantly this is what I received and sent in the SSCS..........
It has been wonderful surfing all the blogs check out your posts..........
......I am pretty sure this is the 4th year for Nancy in the swap.....
.....Nancy is from the USA and she sent me this perfect Chooky present......
it even had chooks on the border fabric.........
lots of different chooks.........lots of different applique methods.......
the reddy border suits well on my lounge where I sit and sew etc..........
Pretty sure I won't be using it for awhile as this weekend hot SUMMER is finally coming....
38deg cel on Sunday is forecast............
..the little brown hen on the eggs is my favourite I think....... and here are the other goodies Nancy sent to me..........pattern, charm pack an book name labels..........
thanks heaps Nancy I love the quilt and goodies...........
and below is the runner I made for Anita.........
pattern by The Rivendale Collection - Sally Giblin............
I really enjoyed making this and think I will be stitching another for myself......
....well I can dream can't I..........fabrics are Moda Garden Party..........
Catch you later..............


  1. Love your chooks quilt, and that runner is really really nice my sort of thing.

  2. What a lovely gift you received!
    The runner you made is gorgeous too... very soft and pretty!

  3. That certainly is a ChookyBlue quilt. Love your table runner I am like you I make something as a gift and really love it and never seem to get around to making it for myself.

  4. I think you should start a runner for yourself NOW! You'd be finished before New Years!!

  5. Very nice gifts coming and going from your house! The chook quilt is so perfect for you and it looks like a lot of fun. Your table runner is charming and will be well-loved. I'm going to have a go at making a quilt like the one I sent away too, sometime this year... although I will technically have to start it in the next few days as I said 'No new quilts in 2011! It's the year of Finishing!"

  6. What a great quilt Chooky and the tablerunner is just gorgeous. No I am not looking forward to the high temps on the weekend either. It will be time to crank up the airconditioning xxx

  7. well done Chooky, they are both delightful, have fun with your charm pack

  8. I love the quilt you received, just perfect for you!!! That table runner you made Anita is gorgeous, you will definately have to make yourself one!

  9. A very suitable gift for you from Nancy! Lovely! I like how the chooks are all different. Gorgeous table runner for Anita.
    Love the ornaments in the pervious posts, some great inspiration for next christmas!

  10. Love your "Chooky" quilt - very apt. gorgeous runner for Anita - am sure she is thrilled.

  11. Chooks for Chooky.. he he cute quilt and I lurrve the table runner.. Slaly Giblin does yummy stuff...
    Hugs Dawn x x

  12. Lovely, lovely quilts, the chooks are as cute as can be. Your table runner is beautiful, what colour have you stitched it in? It's pretty and goes great with those Garden Party fabrics. Love it!

  13. Lovely quilt you got! And you have done pretty stitcheries!!! Oh, that reminds me of my GJ (I used Garden Party)... I'll try to finish atleast all stitcheries in THIS year;) Happy New stitching YEAR 2011!

  14. Hi there, The table runner looks great !!! I love the "garden party" fabric, one of my favourites... Keep up the good work. Always nice to see one of my designs lovingly stitched !!
    Happy Stitching,
    Sally Giblin, The Rivendale Collection xxx

  15. OH MY GOODNESS!! Everything is absolutely amazing. My mouth is dry from hanging open in admiration. I love that runner!

  16. s you can probably already imagine, i LOVE the chook quilt, WOW!! The table runner you made is just beautiful...but I can't go past those chooks!
    Cheers, Tracey

  17. Great gifts, both of them!! All of the ornaments are great from your earlier post too! Fun swap!

  18. Hey Donna! Love your chooky rug ... you might have been using it if you'd been visiting us ... finally stopped raining, but still overcast, cool and no summer weather in sight, so if you'd like to send some of the sun and heat, we'll take 'em! :0) Enjoy your week - I'm doing better with my Gardener's Journal stitching than the Aussies are with their cricket! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  19. chooks for chooky very appropriate. The table runner is lovely, love the prairie points, are they hard?

  20. chooks for chooky very appropriate. The table runner is lovely, love the prairie points, are they hard?

  21. chooks for chooky very appropriate. The table runner is lovely, love the prairie points, are they hard?


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